We at Booster Space are happy to share our experience with business, technology, and culture on stage. Michael Liebe also represents Kickerstarter here in Europe as their games guy. Let’s play!

Outreach Games Europe for Kickstarter

If you are a developer, Michael Liebe is there to help you make your Kickstarter campaign a success. As a consultant hired by Kickstarter, he is happy to give feedback on your game idea, social media activities, campaign page, pledge system or whatever question you may have regarding Kickstarter.

If you run an event in Europe, Michael is good for giving insights on Kickstarter data, tips and tricks for campaigns or to organize a best-practice track with the hottest European creators.

Selected Videos

We collect most of our stage presentations and interviews in the Booster Space YouTube channel.

The VR NOW Con was part of Media Convention Berlin with the Tech Rally VR startup program. Michael was one of the stage hosts.

Michael was interviewed about the most important aspects of running a good Kickstarter campaign at Gamescom 2018.

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