We at Booster Space love games and virtual reality. It is a perfect mix! DUEL VR is our first own production. It works, is fun, and is online multiplayer. Give it a try!


Duel VR is a Western themed multiplayer game made for roomscale VR.  Including online and local multiplayer duels, single player shooting ranges, four different weapons (revolver, gun, bow and axe) as well as eight different characters to choose from.


It is on Steam Early Access and is aimed for full release in early 2018.

  • Weapons: 4 uniquely handled weapons – Revolver, Bow, Rifle, and Axe. Designed for HTC Vive controls. Uses touchpad, positioning, and triggers.
  • Multiplayer: One-vs-One multiplayer in 4 totally different locations. Fight online or against AI.
  • Single player: 4 different shooting galleries, with desperados, undead, circling vultures, and many more.
  • Explosions! Lots of breakable materials, funky physics and fully simulated projectiles.
  • Imagine High Noon in Virtual Reality!

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