The Intel® Buzz Workshop is a one day event focusing on tech and content trends in the games industry. Experts from design, engineering and marketing discuss and present their perspectives on the current state and next developments. It includes business, technical and VR sessions as well as debates on diversity, networking, the opportunity to get feedback from Intel Experts as well as selected speakers, plus a chance to feature games in a (indie) games expo. The day is closed with an informal get together including free snacks and drinks! The event is free to attend.

The Intel® Buzz Workshop Series started in 2013 with a focus on bringing local game developer communities together to address the game industry’s biggest challenges in gaming. The one-day event includes technical sessions, panels, networking, and the opportunity to troubleshoot your creations with Intel experts.

How to attend

The Intel Buzz Workshop and GIC are free to attend. You need to get onto the PGA fair ground in order to access the venue. For the Buzz Workshop special benefits apply, hence you need to register on Eventbrite in order to profit from these.

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Take your chance to win these prizes!

2x Intel NUC6i7KYK

Win one of these core i7 mini PC during the event either by filling out our feedback cards or by demonstrating your hot Twitter skills! #buzzworkshop

Schenker XMG A517

This sweet gaming notebook will go to the best game of our showcase – judged by the audience, our speakers & the #gamesweekberlin team.

High profile international speakers on technology, business and art of game development.

Win awesome prizes, enjoy networking, play new games, listen and learn.


Speakers and Program

Michael Liebe

Moderator, CEO and Founder of Booster Space. Outreach Games Europe for Kickstarter. Maker of DUEL VR, #gamesweekberlin, and VR NOW Con. Business card magnet.

John RomeroJohn Romero

Speaker, father of first person shooters, co-founder of id Software, Gazillion Entertainment and Romero Games. Get a chance to play Doom with him!

Stefan Ljungqvist

Head of Studio at Experiment 101. Maker of Biomutant. Responsible for studio strategy, creative direction and product development. Where creativity  meets management.

Valentina TamerValentina Tamer

Game designer, writer and artist employed at Hamburg-based video game developer Daedalic Entertainment. The Pillars of the Earth turned into an adventure game.

Thomas BidauxThomas Bidaux

Founder of ICO Partners, a consultancy firm that supports small and large video game companies. After he set up the European subsidy of NCsoft in the UK. One of the leading Kickstarter experts in Europe.

Andre FaureAndré Faure

CEO of GamePlan. One of the main business influencers in the Latin Americas. André has launched over 100 products including software, hardware, media and services. Your entry point to Latin America!

Jiri KupiainenJiri Kupiainen

CEO and founder of Matchmade, the intelligent influencer marketing platform. After 16 years of developing some of the first third party mobile games, founding several companies, working as a VP at Disney.

Piotr PerickiPiotr Perucki

Graphics Software Engineer at Intel Technology Poland on games and benchmarks performance analysis. Expert for common 3D graphics rendering bottleneck problems and how to increase performance.

Silja Rheingans

Moderator. #gamesweekberlin veteran with academic background in Media Science. Expertise in project management, guerilla marketing & content production. Soon to be programmer.

Callum Underwood

Chief Acquisitions Officer at Raw Fury, an indie publisher based in Sweden. Alongside this he is in charge of the European content at streaming platform and consults for various indie and VR companies.

Sjoerd De Jong

Evangelist for Epic Games. Travels around Europe to teach and talk about Unreal Engine 4. Has worked in everything ranging from AAA development to running his own studio to education.

Michael Schade

CEO & Co-Founder at ROCKFISH Games, an indie studio 
specialized in high-quality 3D video games for PC and console. Developer of space shooter EVERSPACE. Veteran in premium mobile game development

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Awesomness from How to Kickstarter to Marketing Games and getting the most out of an Intel Processor or news from UE.

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