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September 2015

Movie Theater


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Game Cinema is live-lets-play plus eSports plus Indie Games plus a pinch of Saturday night show. Game Cinema is like online gaming - although afk. It is a reminiscence of an era of being together - when screens where small and connections slow. Join us for some local multiplayer action on the big cinema screen! Participants get a chance to play a selection of indie games in an informal tournament. Win prices and rule them all.


The idea was born when we ran our first cooperation witht the Polish Institute in Berlin. We were looking for a special format to present games made in Poland at International Games Week Berlin. This was back in 2014. We did live lets plays by developers featuring This War of Mine before release. We showed animated trailers and gave insight to the making ofs. It was great to see video games on the massive screens of the cinema. Next step was to gather some friends to play together local multiplayer games such as Gang Beasts or Speedrunners in the Babylon cinema in Berlin. It was so much fun that we decided to run a series of smaller events. We ran events at the french movie week and the European Film market and showed the movie folks how games can redefine the dispositif of the movie theater. Today, in 2017, we mix the formats of show, competetive gaming on the big screen, and any kind of live action fit for the stage.


  • Awesome local multiplayer game tournaments.
  • Play with friends and foes on the big cinema screen.
  • Watch others loose and win.
  • Play against heroes of eSports and streaming.
  • Enjoy popcorn, drinks and fun while acting out your hobby of video games.


Unfinished Game Cinema Animation YouTube

Early Version of Game Cinema YouTube




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About Booster Space

What we do? Developing experiences for people. We at Booster Space are responsible for tech and game events. You may have heard of #gamesweekberlin, VR NOW Con Awards and gamescom congress. That’s all us. We believe in the transformative power of digital interactive media. In games and VR and other things that make you visit places. We want to give people insights in what drives us. Still we try not to get overexcited and put hype and trends in context, most of the times successfully. We develop brands, curate programs and execute them on-site. It’s like thinking with a thousand heads and speaking with a thousand mouths. Online networks, start-ups, developers, politics, media and cultural leaders come and listen. We also develop games. It’s how we personally create our own experiences. We are based in Kreuzberg. Last time we checked the district was still the most vibrant part of Berlin. Living here teaches us that things and people are connected. We believe in these connections – of business, technology and culture, how innovations have an impact on society and vice versa. We do love this shit. Have a word with us.

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Game Cinema Credits

Michael Liebe
CEO and Founder of Booster Space and the Game Cinema format

Mikolaj Tarnowski
Then Polish Institute, now event manager at Booster Space

Tim Rittmann
Entertainment Master aka program director

Jenni Wergin
Then Caster, now freelance event management at Booster Space

Silja Rheingans
She played a defining role in defining the show elements of Game Cinema

Lores or Christian
Then project manger, now host of Game Cinema

Melek Balgün
Host of the April 29, 2017, event


Michael Liebe, Booster Space

Adam Streck, Duel VR

Kathrin Steinbrenner, Press

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