We at Booster Space love VR. From concept, to CI, to speaker program, to partner acquisition, to budget tracking, to award management, to award design. All out of one hand. Founded in 2016.

VR NOW Con & Awards

VR NOW is a new platform, awards show, conference & event series for VR tech, biz & creative content. It celebrates what is doable now in VR, AR, MR and other realities. Held in November 2016 the first time it was an instant success, with 550+ attendees from around the world, 30+ speakers and 40+ exhibitors. For the 2017 edition we add a day and a new expo hall.

VR NOW Con is hosted by the Virtual Reality e.V. BerlinBrandenburg, organized by Booster Space (from concept to fulfillment) and funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

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