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What do we do? Develop experiences for people. We at Booster Space are responsible for tech and game events. You may have heard of #gamesweekberlinVR NOW Con & Awards and gamescom congress. That’s all us.
We believe in the transformative power of digital interactive media. In games and VR and other things that make you visit places. We want to give people insights in what drives us. Still, we try not to get overexcited and put hype and trends in context, most of the times successfully.

We develop brands, curate programs and execute them on-site. It’s like thinking with a thousand heads and speaking with a thousand mouths. Online networks, start-ups, developers, politics, media and cultural leaders come and listen. We are experts for Kickstarter. We also develop games such as Duel VR. It’s how we personally create our own experiences.
We are based in Kreuzberg. Last time we checked, the district was still the most vibrant part of Berlin. Living here teaches us that things and people are connected. We believe in these connections – of business, technology and culture, how innovations have an impact on society and vice versa.

In short: we organize B2B and B2C events. We can moderate and curate your stage program. We consult on funding and trends.

We do love this shit. Have a word with us.

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