More talks and panels on one day SXSW than we at Booster Space can bring up in one year. Here’s a small selection of what really stuck. 

Virtual Reality and autonomous mobility. Playful event art. Sharing economy. A revision for code of conducts in Social VR. How quantum computing will change the world. Interactive art installations and VR showcases en masse. Blockchain, blockchain, blockchain.

It’s hard to decide which panels and keynotes to go when the choice of speakers and sessions is sheer endless. But if I have to say what was most impressing so far, I guess it was the Sadiq Khan’s keynote. Sadiq Khan is the first Muslim mayor of London. As a politician and former civil rights lawyer, his speech was deeply political (of course!) and personal, too. Imagine you really have to take lot’s of shit as a liberal Muslim who advocates for fairness. Just read the comments below his SXSW YouTube video, and you can imagine what people like him have to cope with every day. 

His main concern: The crisis of globalization, the disconnect and disillusionment of many communities, the deep sense of unease which lead to Brexit, Trump, you name it. However there was this underlying optimism that we can use technology for good, once we find a common understanding of how to use and regulate it. I know, this has got little to do with games and VR and business to business. But if you find the time check out his keynote and tell me what you think.